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Matchday is your final opportunity to load up on carbohydrates before kick-off. If you’ve fuelled properly, you should have taken onboard 8g of carbs per kg of body weight the day before your game, while a quality pre-match meal could further increase your energy stores by 15-20 %.

The aim of the pre-match meal is to consume a high-carb meal (2-3g/kg body mass) and some protein. The best carbs for your game are white and wholegrain pasta, rice, breads, cereals, fruit juices, energy bars and energy drinks. Examples of quality protein foods include chicken, fish and Greek yoghurt.

Don’t forget, your pre-match meal is also your final chance to start the game hydrated. We’ve listed five perfect pre-match meals to help you prepare like a Premier League footballer ahead of your next game. Enjoy…

Pre-match meal 1


2 x scrambled eggs

2 x thick slices of white toast

45g of granola

50g of Greek yoghurt

2 rings of pineapple

400ml of orange juice

40g GO Energy bar


Nutritional info

Calories: 1020

Carbohydrates: 155g

Protein: 35g

Fat: 30g

Pre-match meal 2



1 x white bagel

2 tbsp of jam (thick spread)

1 tbsp peanut butter

500 ml of GO Energy

1 x large banana

100g Quark


Nutritional info

Calories: 810

Carbohydrates: 160g

Protein: 23g

Fat: 9g

Pre-match meal 3



50g oats

100ml of semi-skimmed milk

30g of SiS whey chocolate

2 x thick slices of white toast

½ can of baked beans

500ml of GO Hydro


Nutritional info

Calories: 842

Carbohydrates: 128g

Protein: 53g

Fat: 12g

Pre-match meal 4

1 x grilled chicken breast

200g white pasta (cooked weight)

250g of tomato pasata

500ml of GO Energy

40g GO Energy bar


Nutritional info

Calories: 799

Carbohdyrates: 137g

Protein: 44g

Fat: 7g

Pre-match meal 5

200g x white rice

80g x peas

1 x salmon fillet

150g baked potato

150g x tomato pasata

300ml fresh apple juice

500ml GO Hydro

Nutritional info

Calories: 865

Carbohydrates: 142g

Protein: 38g

Fat: 16g

Ted Munson (Performance Nutritionist)
Written By

Ted Munson (Performance Nutritionist)

Ted is a Performance Nutritionist here at Science in Sport.