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GO Isotonic Energy Gel - 6 Pack

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Product Information

The GO Isotonic Energy Gel was the world's first isotonic gel effectively delivering an easily digestible and quick supply of carbohydrate for energy at half-time.

They are designed to be consumed without water, minimising the risk of being bloated that can sometimes occur with over-drinking.

Provides you with 22 grams of carbohydrate per gel.

Key Features

  • • Truly isotonic formulation - no need for water
  • • 22 grams of rapidly absorbed carbohydrate per gel
  • • Convenient easy-to-take format
  • • Contents: 6 x 60ml gels per pack
  • • Flavoured Maltodextrin gel with added sweetener.


Winner of the Queens award for enterprise, this innovative product continues to be seen at the forefront by endurance athletes. Use during endurance sessions and events to help avoid flagging.

Product Uses
Recommended Usage

Consume 1 gel pre-game or training and at half time during match-play. Aim to deliver approximately 60 grams of carbohydrate during half time to maximize carbohydrate utilization rates. Where hydration is also important, SiS GO Isotonic Gels can also be consumed with SiS GO Hydro or with SiS GO Electrolyte to ensure a combination of both energy and fluid delivery during exercise.

Directions for Use

Simply tear off the top of the packaging and consume - there is no need to mix with water.


Depleting your carbohydrate stores during exercise is one of the major causes of fatigue. Delivering additional carbohydrate during exercise is known to improve performance, race times and delay the onset of fatigue.

The Isotonic formula allows the gel to empty from the stomach quickly as no fluid needs to be drawn into your stomach to dilute the gel, providing fast energy. SiS GO Isotonic Energy Gels are highly practical and can easily be carried without the requirement for bulky bottles.

Informed Sport Registered

Our complete product range is developed using a world-class approach to banned substance testing, providing assurance for athletes. For more information on Informed Sport & our unique world class approach, click here.

Suitable For: Vegans, Vegetarians, Lactose free, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Nut Free, Soya Free

Nutritional Info
Typical ValuesPer 100mlPer Serving 60ml
Energy 612kj/144kcal 367kj/86kcal
Protein 0.0g 0.0g
Carbohydrate 36g 22g
of which sugars 1.1g 0.6g
Fat 0.0g 0.0g
of which saturates 0.0g 0.0g
Fibre 0.1g 0.1g
Salt 0.01g0.01g


Water, Maltodextrin (from Maize) (33%), Gelling Agents (Gellan Gum, Xanthan Gum), Natural Flavouring, Acidity Regulators (Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate), Preservatives (Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate), Sweetener (Acesulfame K), Sodium Chloride, Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid)

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When should I consume these?

You can either consume one gel before training or match day or alternatively take one halfway through your football activity to rapidly replenish glycogen stores.

When should I have these versus Electrolyte or Caffeine?

These should be consumed when you need a fast, convenient energy boost. During a 90 minute match or a long training session these are perfect as they provide a longer-lasting energy boost then an initial shot of caffeine.

Is this gel Isotonic?

Yes, this gel is the first truly isotonic energy gel.

Are these 'natural'?

GO Isotonic gels contain natural flavorings.

Why are these better than regular foods, for example a banana?

GO Isotonic Energy Gels are designed to be absorbed fast into your gut, providing fast energy. Some solid foods can take a while to digest as there's more fat and fibre in whole foods, which during exercise can cause feelings of bloating and discomfort.

Do these contain aspartame?

No, Gels do not contain aspartame.

How big are the gels

The gels are around 15cm long so are ideal to pop in your jacket or shorts pocket. Throw a couple in your boot bag to take with you on game day!

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Verified Reviews

Rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 141 Reviews
Kevin Pegden

As above great help when strength is getting low

Mark Bouch

My go-to favourite over an extended training session or event


Energy and helps avoid cramping

Andrea Fichera

Perfect for any sport activity

Carmine DV

I gel sono molto digeribili e poco dolci per cui non creano problemi quando si prendono anche se si è sotto sforzo. Il gel risponde bene alle esigenze per cui è stato creato, comodo anche da aprire con una mano sola e strappo.


Not as sweet as some of the others and better for it.


Good flavour and easy to use

Carwyn Wooldridge

Lovely flavour & does the job it says will do.


Gusto gradevole e digeribile


ottimo sapore e gel veramente saporito al palato sembra di mangiare un frappè


Sicuramente il miglior gel energetico. Gusto piacevole e nessun effetto spiacevole gastrointestinale

Alfonso Capuano

Perfetto very good prodotto nelle specifiche pratico e molto bello ottimo in tutto Consigliatissimo


All right, very good gel!


Ottimi gel, non serve bere subito dopo come molti altri


very good taste and so practical to eat!


Prodotto buono anche per il fatto che non serve acqua. Dissetante

Sergio Megliocco

Ottimi prodotti, da circa un anno ho iniziato a usarli, mi trovo veramente bene! Nessun problema di stomaco!


My favourite flavour

Anita Howe

Always great products and quick delivery

Jacqueline Mc Lannahan

Again, works well to keep me hydrated (but still prefer vanilla 😉)

Stuart Denton

Use then when cycling take about 20 mins to take affect but real good & nice flavour


Really good product and reasonable price

Steve Kennedy

Easy to take product which works for me. Nice flavours and easy to swallow on the run.

Guest Brendan Minihane

Stomach friendly portable fuel.

Customer Bob.F

Think I like these best and probably a little too much. Definitely the ones I'll buy again


taste good not too sweet and no chemical after taste

Mike Talbot

Great tasting and easy to take.

Juha Saarinen

Great tastes,easy to use.

steve harford

Fab quick n easy to use great selection of flavours

Matthew Pow

Great product easy to take and use during cycling


Go to gel for those longer rides :)


Very tasty flavour and good consistency.


Good flavour

Rami Khateeb

amazing ...

Bostjan Kozuh

The best gel on the market.


Work for me although plastic can be harsh on mouth.

Carl Krystek

Not tried yet so can’t comment!

Robert Cope

Taste good but you do need to have another flavour.

Home Health UK Ltd

Not received



Kevin Pegden

Have used this product for sometime now and has been helpful when on Long Ride in providing energy when needed

alessandro leporini

good isotonic product and taste


Good taste and good energy for running


A good and solid flavour.


Nice product good taste ..


Good range of flavours and no need to drink water with these so a great choice for long stretches between aid stations.

Paolo Corrias

excellent performing and tasty products, only the gels seem too granular


Usati più volte soprattutto nelle mezze maratone con ottimi risultati. Inoltre non serve acqua per assumerli, a differenza di altri prodotti.

William Lee

Great product delivered very efficiently


sis gels enjoy makes you wish you were going further


Nice product good taste ...


gel dal sapore gradevole e non troppo dolciastro. Confezione facile da aprire


molto buono provato sia per trail che per corsa su strada ottima resa


Ottimo gusto fresco...tra i miei preferiti

Carl Gardner

Has the desired effect, and tastes good


Excellent flavour! Good source of energy in endurance sports.

Cristiano Parzani

Good taste and easy to assume. Digestible.

Customer Bob.F

Nice flavour Not sure whether it's banana, mango, pineapple or a combination

Henk Meijer

I have used the Energy Gels when I ran marathons for more years. After every five kilometre that I had covered I took a gel. In all that years I never met the "Man with te Hammer " .

Paul Bennington

Good energy drink and good flavour, but too difficult to open. Both on a bike (dry hands) and during an open water swim (wet hands) i had to hold the packet firmly and tear the top off with my teeth. Result: face full of sticky energy drink.

Audrey Osborne

great taste and works well for running/tri events

Mark Bouch

A great and fairly neutral flavour.

michael majhu

Great value for money

Jacqueline Mc Lannahan

Yummy yum yum!! 😊 great tasting, does not give me heartburn and keeps me going!!


Vanilla is my new favourite, product works amazingly

Douglas Rae

Great product


Taste delicious, great for an energy boost mid run.

Stephen Long

Decent tasting gel

Una Cosgrave

lovely flavour definately will get again

Andrew Stevenson

Tastes decent


Do not like the vanilla gel

Matthue Levitt

This flavour surprised me. It was a lot better than I expected. Up there with one of my favourites.


Avoid cramping late in the match with this ...

Paul Renton

Always good avoid the bonk make sure you have yours.

Heather Doak

Great flavour

Chris R

Useful but I find the texture cloying and a bit hard to swallow.

K Harrison

Very easy to take and a decent flavour too.


Best out of all flavours love these

Paul Jobson

Like the taste , still not sure if the gels work for me though


Simply the best flavour and easy to use


Like this gel a lot take this gel all the time

Matthue Levitt

Very very nice flavour. I was unsure if they would be too sour or taste too artificial however they taste similar to a cherry yoghurt flavour. Like Black cherry.

Bryn Beresford

Taste nice


It is too sweet for me to use all the time but mixed with the other flavours it works.


Taste great. easy to swallow. my favourite in the isotonic energy gel range.


A bit sweet for me ,but stilllike them

Jacqueline Mc Lannahan

Does the trick and tastes OK, but I prefer the vanilla flavour 😊


Effective and taste is fresh. Pink Grapefruit better flavour though.


This is one of my favourite flavours.

Leonardo Annoscia

Great taste, perfect during races.


ottimo sapore e gel veramente saporito al palato


In my opinión, it is perfect. The flavor os fantástic and hoy don't need water to take it.


Ottimo prodotto sopratutto non pesante per la digestione


Good product with a late effet

Alberto F.

I like this gel for its taste and its low viscosity

Giacomo Cereseto

Taste is good but not good as orange but fantastic for trail running!


Very good flavour. Good boost


Subito assimilabile a livello di energia

giuseppe lizzio

Very good product


Sapore buono

Roberto Bersanetti

Good flavour. Easy to open

Vincenzo Emanuele

I like it!


Ottimo e delizioso

Nicola Amoriello

Ottimi prodotti non mi tornano su durante lo sforzo


A mio avviso uno dei migliori gel in commercio.

Carmine DV

Pratico prevalentemente ciclismo e devo dire che questi prodotti sono davvero validi. Ottimo gel, di buona qualità, buona consistenza e grande digeribilità. Molto pratici sia da trasportare che da aprire in movimento.


The best flavour yet and no clammy mouth afterwards. Great gels.


prodotti che non hanno concorrenza sul mercato. sono perfetti


excellent product, highly recommended very good taste


ottimo gel, non disturba allo stomaco e con gusto gradevole