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Match Bundle
Match Bundle

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    Bundle Information

    Fuel the same way as the pro's with this bundle. We've handpicked some of our partner clubs favourite products to suit all your needs including energy, hydration and recovery. 

    This bundle includes:

    REGO Power 1kg:

    The complete recovery product for after a game. Formulated with Manchester United.

    • 30g of protein for recovery
    • 30g of carbohydrate for energy
    • 9g of BCAA's to maintain muscle mass
    • Add 3 scoops to 300ml of water

    GO Isotonic Energy Gel x 20:

    Used by 85 league teams and a firm favourite of the pro's. Perfect for half-time for that additional energy boost.

    • 22g of carbs per gel
    • Isotonic meaning no water is needed
    • Take 1 pre-game and 1 at half-time

    Hydro (20 tables):

    Hydro ensures you are fully hydrated to allow you to give your best performance on match day.

    • Drop 1 tablet into 500ml of water for fast hydration
    • Replaces the electrolytes you lose through sweat
    • Take on match day in your bottle for effective hydration

    Protein Bars x 4:

    Fast acting protein in a convenient bar for post-training/match

    • 20g of protein per bar
    • Take 1-2 every 3-4 hours for maximum effecy

    800ml Bottle

    SiS branded football bottle to use with powders and hydro tabs.

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